How popular are you on the Twitter? -TweetRanks or Tweet Level about you


tweetlevel-or-tweet-ranking Twitter has got the enough that it had to. What more? Now, time to find your ranks of tweets. This is called tweet level- a nifty little service cooked up by Edelman- as the site says, which makes to determine how popular are you on the Twitter.

Your TweetLevel is dependent on influence, popularity, engagement and trust. You can check your tweet level matrics on the tweetlevel site by Edelman, and don’t get frustrated by the influence and trust of @@TechSansar– it’s just the beginning.
One can even Tweet the tweet level or tweet ranks on the same time. There is a nice presentation about the tweet matrix below your rank, thanks to Edelman’s effort. This site shows on the top ranks of tweets : PerezHilton, mashable, Twitter_Tips, aplusk, cnnbrk and so on…..
What’s your twitter rank? Get it and share with us.

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