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List of NT WiFi Hotspot in Nepal

List & Location of available NT WiFi Hotspots

With a mercy of Nepal Telecom (NT), many of us now, for at least sometimes, can use free WiFi hotspots. However, as NT's WiFi Hotspots are not available everywhere, we enlist the available location of

The Future With Technology - where Nepal stands now in ICT4D & future tech!

The Future With Technology

My five years old grandpa learns to flail a spade in the field for the first time with his jellyfish hands big enough to grip just a pencil while my great grandma kneels frozen, star-gazing at her son

Technology: An Angent of Change

Technology: An Agent of Change

Wars are growing scarier every day. Every day the chance of destruction of earth, and planets alike, increases by folds. Everyday Google goes deeper into us with every search we do. Everyday a robot

Economic growth of six countries in comparison

The ICT wave in Nepal

  It is astonishing to think that just 3 decades ago, text messaging (SMS) hadn't been invented and even more painful to contemplate; there was no Internet. In only a generation, humans have turned