Nepal Telecom slashes charges, comes with a little relief

Finally Nepal Telecom (NT) has slashed some of the subscription charges and calling rates on its major services including 3G, GSM, CDMA and PSTN International (ISDN) calling rates. However, the lowered rates are not much likely what the subscribers expected from the country’s largest telecommunication company.
It took Telecom a six-month period to lower the charges, due to government formalities. The table below shows the newer charge rates with Nepal Telecom 3G services.

Before slashes

Present prices


Initial subscription charge

NRs 4,130

NRs 2,130

> credit amount NRs 1,000

> first 100 MB data FREE

Video calling: NRs 5


Initial subscription charge

NRs 2,500

NRs 1,500

> credit amount NRs 1,000 (talk time)

Video calling: NRs 6.20

NT 3G Figures

Total capacity: 1,75,000 lines

For Kathmandu: 1,00,000 lines

3G Towers (BTS): 64 running, 76 under construction

Total users: 1,048 (3G Postpaid), 877 (3G Prepaid)

Effective from Jestha 10, 2067 (May 24, 2010)

International calling tariff (dial 1424) at just NRs 4/min (exclusive of taxes): India, China, USA, Canada, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore NRs 6/min for Malaysia, S Korea, Makau

SIP phone :Nepal Telecom is planning to bring SIP (Session Initiation
Protocol) phone which will work as Net Phone at much cheaper rates than present
rates. Many cyber cafes and other ISPs are now running such SIP phones (NetPhones)
at much cheaper price.

ADSL Volume based: Onward Jestha 16, 2067 (May 30, 2010) Telecom is planning for
volume based ADSL package in two schemes – right now ADSL is unlimited in data plan.

Bandwidth of 512 Kbps, Data volume of 2 GB : NRs 660

Bandwidth of 512 Kbps, Data volume of 10 GB : NRs 1,970

However, this volume based price of ADSL is still more as compared to present unlimited data plan. Also Telecom’s ADSL is just name shake thing in many cities; even in Kathmandu many users have complains including us.

Meanwhile, NCell has also lowered tariff for India, USA, Baharaia, China, Hong Kong and additional five countries to Rs 6 from May 18.
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