How to bypass the Password of Lock Folder XP

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Lock folder XP is a software used to lock private files, folders and even the drives. I use it in my computer with XP Operating System. If you forgot the password you kept as login password you can use this tutorial to bypass the password of Lock Folder XP.

Step 1. Go to start.
Step 2. Run.
Step 3. Enter regedit short for registry editor.

Windows Registry BypassPassword2
Windows Registry BypassPassword2


STEP 5. Delete the key named ‘Password’ as shown in the screenshot below.

Editing Windows Registry for BypassPassword
Editing Windows Registry for BypassPassword, click to zoon in

Now open the program it won’t ask you to enter the login password.

But if you are trying to bypass password in your friend’s computer then first make the backup of the registry (File>Export>regname) and after finishing your work you can import it again (File>Import>regname) so it will ask login when your friend again opens the program. You may be interested in How to recover Window’s forgotten password?

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