Digital Signature in Nepal FAQs: Everything you need to know about using digital signature in Nepal

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Digital certificate and digital signature have finally seen an official go in Nepal. In this aspect, we have managed to prepare a frequently asked questions (FAQs) on everything you need to know about using digital signature in Nepal. Some of the answers have been taken from industry experts and organizations mentioned below or involved in digital signature implementation. You can also ask us any questions you want to know about digital signature in Nepal.

Digital Certificate and Digital Signature in Nepal FAQs
Digital Certificate and Digital Signature in Nepal FAQs

What is the main objective of digital signature?

To make electronic transactions safe, reliable and legal.

How should I be aware of digital signature?

No more fake signatures and documents and emails. Sender can’t claim s/he didn’t do that.

How can Nepal’s business benefit from digital signature?

Use digital signature and be modern. Modernize your business. Government can’t deny or can’t say they can’t accept your digitally signed document. Go paperless with digitally signed transactions.

Do digital signature help Nepal’s e-Government policy?

Implementation of digital signature benefit citizens or right bearer with the public services they access from duty bearer, and reserve legal rights of authenticity of the signed documents.

Who in Nepal is responsible to look after digital signature?

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the top tier government body regulating the digital signature that would help control the misuse of ICT.

The Office of the Controller of Certification (OCC) which is the root certifying authority of Nepal is the directly concerned government authority to grant permission and look after usage of digital signature.

Which government officials have already used digital signatures?

The first token (digital identification) with digital signature was presented to the President Bidya Bhandari after the official launch on Dec 2, 2015. PM KP Oli and ICT Minister Sherdhan Rai were also presented with such tokens.

Who issues digital signatures in Nepal?

The OCC has given permission to Radiant Info-tech Nepal to issue digital signatures on behalf of the government.

Can public use digital signature?

Digital signature registration is open for the public in Nepal (starting last week of December 2015.)

Do I need to purchase digital signature or ID?

Yes. Businesses and corporates might want to use the government permitted certificate authority (CA) granted certification.

No. Individuals can create or generate their own personal certificate to use on software applications of the requirement. However, for legal purpose, the certification must be obtained from certificate authority only.

How much does a digital signature cost in Nepal?

Digital signature is provided in a token – a password protected USB drive. Users need to pay Rs 2,500 to obtain digital signature in a token.

Is there any government commitment to make digital signature successful in Nepal?

Heard during the official launch of digital signature (ie Dec 2, 2015) – PM Oli assured of full support from the government to make it successful. Likewise, ICT Minister Rai said the ministry would help control misuse of records.

Which government offices in Nepal are using or likely to use digital signature in the country as an early adopters?

The Office of the Company Registrar (OCR), the Inland Revenue Department and the Customs Department in Nepal are most likely to promote the use of digital signature in the country.

Once this is done, one can easily register a company at the OCR and file various tax or customs related documents without even stepping into the respective government offices. Although the OCR currently allows one to register a company online, one has to later submit hard copies at the office by manually signing them. This is because digital signatures are not in use till date. The same is the case with online financial transactions.

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