Everybody is a data creator – importance of data

We all are creating data in a way or the other. Even deleting a file is dumping or increasing data volume – bigger, even more larger storage is sought every second day of your computing life.

Myself was with a 256 MB MP3 Player 6 years ago, followed by 2 – 8 – 16 GB pen drives in consequent years after. Now, we can find as much as 256 GB pen drives and terabytes of hard disk at reach just for storing our personal files.

Today’s hi-tech world is based on storage, everything is data; ultimately data is to be stored. You browse a page, so you create a data on your machine. You edit an image with your favorite image editing software, you create hump of temporary files. You copy paste or watch or listen or whatever activity you perform on your machine, laptop, portable devices or whatever – you are creating data each second, at each step of computing.
In a way or the other, we all are creating data. The trend of data continues to growth in future as well. The more and more storage devices are necessary. The question will always be unanswered unless there have really been some technology which can control data creation or collection of data.
You are a person of offline computing world, yet you are still creating a data. You are backup by a database storage for your personal information, and vital requirements by your governing body. Everything is digitized on this modern cyber age. One just can’t image how much data is on the flow or on-demand at your reach.
Data are essential part of everyday modern life. You poke a friend on Facebook and Zuckerberg’s server get’s few bytes on it, even after your friend gets the poke, it is still stored on the database. Google and Yahoo had earlier stated that they would keep the temporary records (cookies) of their users making a search from their engine on user’s devices for as much as 7 to 17 years.
Whatever the size of data be, a byte of poke, complicated SQL database or a simple everyday Google search; we all are responsible for creating data on this earth. Let the data be greener, let’s support the green computing. Let’s be more green data generator.
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