ICT Meetup 2013: ICT Academia – Industry Collaboration in Kathmandu

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ICT things are progressive in here. Yet another ICT meetup 2013 is being organized with the theme of ICT Academia – Industry Collaboration in Kathmandu the next week with the main aim to connect ICT in academia to the ICT in industry. Eventually the organizers believe to solve yet unaddressed phenomenon regarding the gap between the university graduates and the IT industry requirements of the country’s long going practice.

ICT Meetup 2013: Academia meets Industry in ICT
ICT Meetup 2013: Academia meets Industry in ICT

Be there at ICT Meetup 2013 Kathmandu

Prime IT Club (Prime College Venue)
Saturday, August 10, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Kathmandu, Nepal

Ensure participation via EventBrite page or Facebook Event

This ICT Meetup is Different!

We have seen many kinds of ICT and IT related events in Kathmandu from CAN Infotech to Locus to even ITU sponsored ICT events. However, this ICT meetup 2013 is different in sense that it is targeted at all students of engineering, technology and enthusiasts irrespective of field of study, and the meet is very specific at its objective (unlike what we find in other similar events). Expect no promotion of products or services (?), specific career oriented discussion and suggestions from the experts, and be ready to target the speakers with your much specific queries – that makes this ICT Meetup even more unique.

Niche Topics for the ICT Meetup

There are more than 15 topic specific event types which on one hand definitely help students learn how to be prepared for the industry, and on the other hand gives industry to familiarize students with current pattern in ICT industry and bring in focus of the future graduates. For complete and updated workshops & event list, visit ictyouth.com.

  • Remote Sensing by Deo Raj Gurung, ICIMOD
  • Career in WordPress by WordPress Nepal
  • Professionalism in Gaming eGaming | How to be a better gamer – by myKtm & NGamers
  • IT and Stock Market
  • Apps/Project Showcasing
  • Digital Forensic – Speaker from Nepal Russia ICT Society
  • 3D Animation – from Blackbox Animation
  • Trends, Challenges and Possibility in eCommerce – by sastodeal / YesKantipur / Thamel dot com
  • Entrepreneurship – by Vidhan Rana, Biruwa ventures /Parakhi / YIPL
  • MVC Framework by Andrew WestGarth UK (Video conference)
  • Social Media in Career Building by Aakar Anil
  • Cloud Computing with Azure Windows Azure | Intro and Opportunities
  • Online Recruitment Scenario in Nepal
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Building a Technical Ecosystem in the city/country by Chandon Goopta
  • GDG, OKFN, Mozilla Nepal, Wikimedia – Panel Discussion
  • Talking Broadband (Panel discussion) – NTA, NTC & NCELL
  • Demonstrating the Power of Visual Studio by MIC Nepal
  • Scope of Ruby on Rails
  • Career in Open Source and FOSS Philosophy
  • eGovernance by Manojar Kumar Bhattarai
  • Social Media Project by Kabita Gautam
  • Startup Weekend by Bripendra Joshi (Company startups)
  • Designing Technology by Kazi Studios
  • MICNepal (Promotion ?)
  • FonePay – from F1Soft International
  • NREN (Video conference)

These ICT related topics are sure to bring in interest specially among students. However, there are some topics which might promote their products and services rather than giving insight on specific technologies they are supposed to be delivering.

ICT Meetup Event Details from the Organizers

Banner: ICT Meetup 2013 Academia-Industry Collaboration in Kathmandu Nepal
Banner: ICT Meetup 2013 Academia-Industry Collaboration in Kathmandu Nepal

Information, Communication, Technology (ICT) Meetup 2013 is the mega event in the Nepalese ICT field. With strong advisory support, our team has come up with an uprising but yet unaddressed phenomenon regarding gap between university graduates and IT industry requirements.

Numerous fresh graduates including university toppers find difficulty to acclimatize in the IT industry. Many innovative ideas of the new generation go unnoticed due to lack of proper platform. At the same time, the industry is facing shortage of capable human resources and creative ideas.

We believe that this event will act as catalyst between deserving ideas of students and Angel’s fund of industry resulting initiation of venture capital concept in our country. With the collaboration of opportunity seeking graduates and potential investors, IT industry can move ahead in faster pace.

ICT Meetup 2013 with the theme “ICT Academia – Industry collaboration” would be the perfect platform for ICT practitioners, developers, IT students, freelancer including different niche IT companies who are deprived from the opportunity to explore themselves, their talents, innovation and projects in the Information technology field. This will not only encourage their potential but also alert them about the prevailing gap between IT industries -academia differences.

This event would also be a common platform for interactions, collaborations and acknowledgement between high level dignitaries, renowned IT professionals, entrepreneurs, business personals, guardians, students and a wide range of visitors. Moreover, this event seeks to create socio-economic awareness among the people about the potential and possibilities of the ICT field in Nepal.

ICT Meetup 2013 will enhance the students and participants to deliver their hidden creativity, skills, knowledge and ability to stand in the technological society. Through the event, we hope to enhance fellowship among youth and speaking of IT, it will surely make huge impact on each and every individual`s knowledge and interest knowingly or unknowingly. So in order to spread knowledge, skills and creativity of youth, we are going to organize second ICT Meetup 2013.

This will surely encourage youth to get involved in extra circular activities, build dynamic personality and broaden their knowledge and develop managerial skills increasing the confidence level. Nevertheless, this event will impose an opportunity of “learning by doing”.

We are very hopeful to our efforts that will help to introduce to this new type of ICT event and platform. We will work hard to elevate this event to make a grand success to its greatest heights. We are planning to organize this event annually as this event is a golden platform to the ICT student, freelancer and IT entrepreneurs.

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