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Typing Web Interface with Thumb touch typing
Typing Web Interface with Thumb touch typing
No need to worry for your typing skills, especially typing speed anymore. As suggested by TechSansar’s friends on Facebook, we are going to write about a premium version of Typing Software that’s completely free (maybe till overnite). is giving you a free upgrade to pro version (though, non-pro version is all okay and we see no major difference), go get your account and begin typing online.TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor which tutors you step by step to your targeted typing speed and accuracy. The only bad stuffs as we most Nepalese with low bandwidth is that this free typing software is only the online version, that means you should typing in online. TW got a certification feature which provides you certificates for certain tests and levels of typing (but sadly we need to pay for), also has a teacher portal.
TW will provide you with instant Twittering of your typing status. You get lots of stories and sentences and fun words to type thru. TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. TypingWeb also offers officially sanctioned typing and 10 Key certification. Learn to type using TypingWeb’s teacher approved typing curriculum, or have some fun with our awesome typing games.
Here’s few points on how to increase/better typing speed and accuracy as written in reviewing difficult keys improves typing speeds

  • During the first days your typing speed is probably still quite moderate, so give yourself some extra time for your typing tasks.
  • It’s extremely essential that you learn the positions of the letter keys and common punctuation by heart- that may refer to more practicing. Ensure the keyboard is of your desired category- QWERTY OR AZERTY OR ….
  • Continue to pay attention to good accuracy. It is much easier to learn error-free typing right away than it is to unlearn poor typing habits.
Typing Speed
Typing Speed
  • Use your touch typing skills regularly to strengthen them and gain speed. After a week, you should already be typing quite smoothly and within a month you will reach full speed. And even after that you should continue to notice improvements.
  • To avoid physical strain, try to remember to keep a good posture and take regular breaks to relax your hands, arms and eyes- follow Ergonomics.
  • For better performance, set your goals of Typing Speed in wpm- words per minute or cpm- characters per minute(cpm though not always recommended) and accuracy in order of 100%. Revise difficult keys and review progress reports time by time.
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