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Those of you who are always in a hunt for a good browser that works perfect for your Android based smartphone, you might have already tried all available mobile browsers. Now, it’s time to create your own custom Android browser with the look and feel you like. Plus, you will have the syncing feature enabled by default as the courtesy of Maxthon, the base browser developers.

Create a custom Android web browser with Maxthon
Create a custom Android web browser with Maxthon

We have created our own Android browser (.apk file which you can install manually) which you can install and use. So, let’s follow these quick 5 steps to make your own mobile browser.

Pick a name for your browser

Give your Browser a Professional Name
Give your Browser a Professional Name

Enter a name for your Browser, name can be any but the character limitation is upto 14 characters. So, think of an attractive name for your custom android browser within 14 characters. Name of browser will appear as in the figure.

Upload a browser icon

A Good icon will make your browser more attractive
A Good icon will make your browser more attractive

You can upload an icon for your custom web browser. The file size shall be lass than 50 KB and the required resolution for the icon file ( jpg or png ) shall be of 72×72 pixels. To create transparent and better looking icons, you might use Photoshop.

If you are not available with icons you can leave it for default. The icon will appear as in the figure.

Set your browser’s homepage

So, when you open the browser in android, which page do you want to open as homepage. Here you can set you homepage, if you want TechSansar to be your homepage the you can add a link as homepage otherwise, Google, Facebook and Bing can be some good options.

Leaving it as it is will make Maxthon’s page as homepage.

Select a theme/skin

Maxthon provides you with 11 different theme or skins for your custom android web browser, select a best one for your web browser. I selected Blue theme for my android browser. To preview a theme, select the one you want to see and look at the image on the right, you’ll find it cool.

Upload your splash screen

A splash screen is an image that appears while your web browser will be loading. It may also be used to describe as an introduction page to your browser

You can add splash screen for you browser, it must be in size of 480×800, in  PNG or JPG file format,  and less than 500KB. If you don’t have splash screen you can leave it as default.

Finally you have now made your own custom browser for Android Smartphone, to download the browser you have just made add your email address on the textbox and click on ‘Create Android Browser’ button.



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