Remembering some of the extinct operating system


With the  Birth of iOS from Apple, and obviously much adopted Google’s Android, nowadays world is hanging around much hyped windows 8.As big giants are celebrating their story,we think lets spend our small time remembering some of the extinct operating system. Here is a list of some extinct operating systems collected from various sources.
This was a Microsoft operating system which was put on the market in 1981. It was created as  a compatible OS for IBM’s range of personal computers.It was the main operating system forIBM PC compatible personal computers during the 1980s to the mid 1990s, until it was gradually overshadowed  by the operating systems offering more graphical user interface (GUI),particular by the various generations of the Windows operating system by Microsoft.
2)Amiga OS

Amiga was developed by Commodore  was considered the most advanced system on the market. Even some famous products such as the Macintosh seemed old fashioned when compared with the shiny new Amiga and its impressive list of features (4096 colors in HAM mode and preemptive multitasking GUI for example). Unfortunately, Commodore was unable to sell its product properly. After a spectacular launching, the advertisement and even production of Amiga 1000 was stopped in order to expect the release of the Amiga 2000. By the time this happened, two years later, it was too late, and Commodore had lost its advantage. It all finished before it had started.

Yet  another forgotten operating system.OS.2 stands for Operating System 2 which  was developed  in 1987, by joint partnership of  IBM with Windows. It was promoted as the system of the feature. However as soon as 1990, the collaboration between the two giants ended, as foreseen by many.  It was due to the huge success of Microsoft’s Windows 3.0, which put OS.2 into shadow. This happened mainly because Windows (with MS-DOS) was compatible with all the new computers on the market whereas OS.2 was an expensive stand-alone software package and lacked device drivers for Non-IBM common hardware, such as printers.

Be Inc. created BeOS which was designed to run on Power Pc based processors with the hope that Apple would buy the product as a replacer for its Mac OS Classic. Apple was in talk to buy the entire company but negotiations did not work as predicted, as  CEO Gil Amelio did not agree with the price of $ 300 milion  asked by  Be’s CEO,eventually Apple bought Next instead and Be Inc slowly sank into oblivion and BeOS joined the list of forgotten operating systems.(image courtesy businessworld )

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