Simpler Facebook Privacy and Access Settings

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Finally, it’s time for easier Facebook. Though the company has not added extra features to its privacy controls, the settings are made lot easier for novice Facebook users. The new Facebook Privacy and Access settings are with more user interfaces and interactions. Screenshots here describe more.


Privacy controls empower you to decide-yourself in most of the cases NOT all of the works performed inside FB. According to official Facebook Privacy page, they have improved settings on Sharing on Facebook, Basic directory information, Applications and websites, Block lists.

The new Facebook quote “Our new, simple privacy controls make it easier to share exactly how you want. Your privacy settings are still the same” is still to be evaluated by users when they see the new privacy setting information on their wall as soon as they log in today. Facebook improves privacy controls and let users find if the controls are really that simpler for they to use.


1. Go to Facebook Roadblock at, to review recent activity on your Facebook account.

Three steps to go, security check, reviewing recent activities and then restoring account – NOT all may apply to you.


2. Facebook Recommended Privacy Settings– can be a good option for FB users who don’t know much about custom settings.

FB recommends Status, Photos, Posts, BIO, Family and Relationships for everyone’s visibility – which is again what NOT many users going to like. Who likes to let world know, when they experience multi-intimacy? FB gets ZERO on this account.


3. A Custom defined Privacy settings in Facebook for controlling how you share and access.


4. Choosing your privacy settings for Basic directory information is rather easy.

This is how you can control your privacy regarding: how can search/find you, send you friend request/message or even you can control whom to show your friend list.


5. Registering your computer. You can register your computer to prevent login access from other computers even tho’ your password is thrown to others. This feature was released by FB earlier.

Go to Setup machine settings in Facebook @ to initiate things.

Must visit links for Controlling or Checking Facebook Privacy:

1. Facebook Privacy Explanation

2. Facebook Privacy FAQs

3. Your Facebook Privacy Setting Page

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