Wondered what it was – Jargon Booster, Part I

Tech terminologies aka Jargon as I learn, understand and use them – I have tried to explain, if not define, them in my own way. These Jargon Booster shall help you a lot.
CMS: expands as content management system which essentially is a software that allows you to maintain your content on the web be it images, videos or text. In order to use CMS you don’t require advanced html skills or know in depth of a coding language. Using cms you can add and update content at your discretion without involving a designer or paying for one. Famous examples are Drupal,joomla and dotnetnuke…..oh ! oops we forget to mention  WordPress.
API: application programming interface is used to add additional functions to an application. Api determines the amount of plug-in that can be added to the existing system.
Beta versions: beta is version of any software  or app which is still under developmental phase but is made available to users. this is done in order to find and repair any glitches that might be existing, so that once the final version is out it’s as perfect as possible.
The word “beta” comes from the Greek, for the second letter in the alphabet. The term “beta version,” or “beta test,” originated with early hardware tests for IBM computers, where the beta test was used to examine whether the hardware properly performed all its listed functions.
Today, most software programs are first released in beta version before being marketed for general release. A beta version can also be applied to a website, which is testing its features and relying on audience feedback. Beta websites are frequently first shown on a secret domain that is only available to their test audience, before being transferred to their real domain for wide viewing.
Blog: blog can be anything from an online diary to news pag e which gets updated frequently. It’s common CMS plugin
Forum: a bulletin board is more popularly known as forum. It’s a section of a website which accepts text updates from members and often result in building up of a community of sorts.Vbulletin is popular forum building software.
FTP: file transfer protocol is used to transfer large or multiple files, it’s used for uploading web pages or downloading large files

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