TechCrunch Meetup in Kathmandu

We are organizing the meetup in Kathmandu. The venue and date was fixed already. And we have about 23 people already registered for this purpose (updated)

Date: June 12, 2010, 8:30 AM (may be disturbed by power cuts in that area)

Venue: PIDS Office (Pragatinagar Intigrated Development Society), Sainbu, Lalitpur

Contact: [email protected] com, 5590949
TechCrunch Team may guide us on some basics of the meetups. People have written to us and contacted us via phone and email from Kathmandu, Nepal. So, far there are 2 presentations registered.

Inspite of limited resources and power failures (loadsheddings) Team is organizing the meetup on the b’day of TechCrunch.

Though we won’t be able to live stream, we will definitely shot some pics and share with the world.


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