Must try Top 5 free Cloud Storage Services for File Sharing

Cloud connected devices
Cloud connected devices

Clouds are no more hype, cloud services in fact are getting much popular everyday and mainly for the productivity and cost-reduction factor for major organizations. Even a person or  SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) can benefit from cloud services. Accessing your files anywhere remotely (read this article) is one main pro of using cloud storage. Here we explore five top most popular and useful cloud storage services for file sharing (SaaS – Software as a Service models) – choosen among Dropbox,, SugarSync, Mozy, ZumoDrive, Windows Live Mesh, SendSpace, SoonR (paid) etc.

1. DropBox

Possibilites with Dropbox as a cloud service
Possibilities with Dropbox as a cloud service
Always #1, Dropbox is a perfect example of top free cloud based file sharing service – available for all major platforms from Windows, Linux, Mac to Smart phone and tablets for Windows, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, iOS and others. Dropbox comes handy with simply possible organization of files and folders, drag and drop, and that’s all. You can easily increase Dropbox’s free storage space of 2 GB to 16GB or even higher. There are many 3rd party applications developed to work with Dropbox and make life easier. (Trivia: How to increase your Dropbox storage space for free?)

2. Windows Live Mesh

WLM is just more than a cloud based storage service, it is also an excellent tool to back up Window’s system files and access Windows based PCs via remote connection. An awesome 25 GB of total storage (out of which 5 gig is for syncing) is available with Windows Live Mesh.

3. SugarSync

SugarSync, not to be confused with SugarCRM, is a popular multiplatform cloud service for sharing, backing up and syncing files and folders on Windows, Mac and mobile/tablet devices. With 5 GB free (+bonus you get from referrals and acts) SugarSync’s cloud storage, you can really go mobile since SugarSync offers some more features than Dropbox. The Universal Sync platform is SugarSync’s universal media synchronization engine. The company calls it the industry’s first true “push” synchronization.

4. SendSpace

SendSpace is a perfect tool for sending, receiving, tracking and sharing large size files unlike sharing folders in other popular cloud based file sharing services. So, we can call SendSpace a good option for cloud based file sharing service, however all free services are ad based and registered versions are only rapidly downloadable (do not get SendSpace confused with Rapidshare or other similar services.)

5. is a popular enterprise level online file sharing and cloud content management service, however we have 5 GB of free storage for peronal usage. is said to have security leadership in the cloud content management, and integrated well into Google Apps.

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