Free Wi-Fi and Hotspots in Kathmandu


Team TechSansar worked out this week to find some really free Wi-Fi connection in the valley, while users outside Kathmandu also have written us about availability of free Wi-Fi on certain public places.
Initially we were perplexed whether to include the internet connection given for free in hotels, Broadlink-WIFI-And-Other-Wireless-Networkrestaurants, and bars (as free Wi-Fi and Hotspots – though the charge is pre-included in the cold drinks…); later some of TechSansar’s Facebook friends suggested though few it is good to include really nice list of some working and free Wi-Fi connections in the valley.
>Broadlink WIFI
>Broadlink Thasikhel
>Broadlink Bhanimandal
>Broadlink Pulchowk
>Broadlink Patan
If you want to add your free Wi-Fi or broadband listing to this page, just write to us or comment on the form below.
If you think we should list the name of restaurants, cafe and hotels which provide free Wi-Fi in Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal, please tell us and help us with the name you confirm about.
The Everest Hotel – East, West Hotel WiFi
Mercantile Communications WiFi at TIA
Free Public WiFi
Pokhara Internet_Barahi Hotel WiFi (powerful WiFi range in Lakeside)
Mercantile Internet WiFi

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