Home TV launches DTH Service

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The Chairman of Home TV said that we are proud to introduce Home TV as Nepal’s first DTH Service. The inaugural ceremony was held at Home TV’s Earth Station located at Bhainsepati, Lalitpur. This technology is able to catch the signals straight from the satellite and broadcast it to the television.They also said that Home TV is set to provide its services to all parts of Nepal at an affordable price. Home TV will also provide other facilities including its own dedicated channels for Child Games, Personal Video Recording, Songs and Movies on Demand and so on.

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  1. suraj karki says

    I have HOME TV in my office.The picture quality is very clear..Thanks HOME TV for launching this technology

  2. rojesh says

    well it is nice to have dth in nepal, nepal is goin one step ahead in technology…..since the launch of DTH i have seen cable operator are giving more channel for the competitive markets but there is broad future of DTH…..i have to say one things abt DTH of nepal, i viewed packages of both DTH ( home tv and dish nepal) they are offering 80(home tv ) and 70(dish nepal) channels ..but for the premium prices they are including FTA(free to air channels….most of the nepali and some of the hindi channels are FTA..it would have better if they provide full 80 & 70 premium channel for the premium prices. and add more FTA channels for free..i don know how goverment of nepal works and what is the coordination between DTH and goverment of nepal…..but in my own view , we have rights to view FTA channel without paying …and DTH should provide FTA channels as an additional channel with free of cost(can consider nepali only)…….

  3. Sabin says


    It is very difficult to have signal of Home TV. DTH service provider please provide us the service value equal to our money we spend.

    You better know the competitor Dish Nepal is following you may be Dish Nepal has better quality than yours.

  4. SATYA says


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