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You might have noticed in Facebook these days that your Facebook status published a year before or two, on the same day in the right column of FB. There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in knowing what were your past facebook status, and the interactions involved. We have collected some applications which allow you to see past your past facebook status.

Get old status: The name itself says get your old Facebook status. Just authorize this apps, and see all your past status and the interactions – likes, comments for the status. However, due to facebook’s policy this application is able to show the past status information since June 2009 only. You can also see your friend’s past facebook status with it. Go to this fb apps now.

My Status: This app shows you all your past facebook and twitter status updates and easily lets you update your status on both of them at once. The concept is quite extensive here. My Status is developed by Tim Nicholson for xtremelysocial.com, and you can update your status simulataneously in fb and twitter. Somebody just said – This app helped me delete some of my really retarded old statuses that bring me to shame today. Go to this fb apps now.

Time analysis of your overall Facebook Status
Time analysis of your overall Facebook Status

Status Statistics: Not exactly an app to display all your past status, but gives you idea of summary on your status, and analyze them at the same time. Status statistics gives a good glimse of your all past facebook status and interactions in a nice way. Go to this fb apps now.

Summary of your Facebook Status
Summary of your overall Facebook Status


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