SLC Result 2066 Directly on your Email

Team has worked to provide the result of 2066 SLC Examination to its users. Initially only the registered users of the site were given the access, however now anyone can register for and get SLC Result 2066 on their email address (don’t forget to email us your details, read below).
Please, register your Name, Location, Email address and Phone no. with; we will send you a customized email for each individual. This service is totally manual. We have not worked with any other third party database providers for this service, while we do the work manually engaging the team of ten.
!!! All the services are manually performed from sending email to checking your result. So, your email may be delayed.

Method 1: Fill the form provided by on this page. Please, fill all the information correctly.
Method 2: Send email directly to [email protected] in the following format.
Email Address:
Phone Number:
SLC Symbol Number with Alphabet:
(write in bold letter)
Method 3: Comment in this article (below) with your information as said above (be aware that this will be publicly available to others as well)
Please, not that each of the method will register you automatically to the services of which you can manually edit (or remove) later.

The sample of SLC Result Notification Email sent to you from Team looks like the following:

Hello friend,
This SLC result notification email is sent in from – the Nepalese Technology Navigator Website.
Below are your details and the result based on the
OCE Official website.
Your Email Address: [email protected]
Provided Symbol No: 78356353F
The Result: Pass/ Fail
(Since this result is based on official websites and NTC’s service,
we are not liable for the mistakes incurred or any typo.)
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