The Gadget Store for kids, Yes in Nepal

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Should we say Nepal is hitting waves. The techno Nepal is unlike a year before, and will never be a month away. Gadgets have hit hands of every persons young or old; abled or differently abled. Team TechSansar publishes here the copy of My Republica’s article about the Kids loving Gadgets, yes it is The Gadget store for kids.

Little Rishab is ten years of age, and lives in Nepalgunj. Like most of the children of his age, he loves playing and he loves toys. Whenever his grandfather comes to Kathmandu, he puts forth a long list of toys that he wants. His grandfather too, tries his best to buy him whatever he can out of the list.

Gadget store for kids in Nepal
Gadget store for kids in Nepal

Most of the time, his list consists of color pencils, rambo’s, aero plane and other toys. But this time Rishab had a bike written on his list of toys. Now his grandfather was a little surprised and confused. How could he buy a bike for someone as young as ten years of age? Sadly this time Rishab got everything else except the one thing that he wanted to have the most.

But you know what? Rishab could have had a bike. The gadget store at Durbarmarg has such a bike that is made for all the little kids like Rishab. The bike has an engine just like a big bike and also has a fuel tank. You fill in petrol and what next? You go! The bike can go as much as 30 km per hour and it weighs around 55 kilos.

These kinds of bikes have different models and styles, which you can choose from. Also you can pick your favorite color. They even have a mini VR if you are a fan of dirt bikes. That is a lot of fun isn’t it? But are the girls a little sad because bikes are for boys? Then girls, there is no need for you to be gloomy. The store also has mini scooters too. The scooters are just like the big ones and the only difference is that they are as pretty, cute and small like you.

The mini golf court is another thing you could get from the shop. And because it is small, it can fit in any corner of your room. Now the next time you have friends coming over to your place, you can take them to your private golf court and play with them. Play all the golf you want and by the time you grow up to be able to play in a real court, you will already have turned into a professional.

Bikes are good and golf is cooler but we definitely can’t miss out on PSP’s, can we? The store has that too. You can choose your favorite game, and play it much as you want.

But if you are still not satisfied with the variety of toys available, maybe you will be happy to know that the store has cartoon DVD’s too. There is a big range to choose from; Popeye, The Simpson’s, Barbie and also Mr. Bean. These DVD’s don’t contain a single show but all of them are a series, so you can watch and watch until you get tired.

Other things available at the store are aero planes, and these can fly just like the real ones. Hot wheels are also available. Hot wheels, for those of you who don’t know, are a pack of sleek shiny cars that have immense speed. But no matter how fast they run, they are within your control.

There are also a few other things that could interest you but have not been mentioned here. You will have to go there and find that for yourself. Also, the best part of the store is that once you buy something from there and it gets spoiled, you can always take it back to the shop, and they will have it fixed it for you.

Now that you know so much about the things available, you must have made your mind on what you wish to have. All you have to do now is talk to your parents and ask them to take you there.

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