Top reasons why You should Quit FACEBOOK

Enough are the reasons for which you might no longer want to get glued to the world’s once most trusted and used social networking site- no other than Facebook. Here are the world’s best top 10 reasons why you want to shut down your Facebook.
We are not going against FB’s work but how we (yes real users) get things in the other way with FB if not how we spill ‘em over.

Okay, let’s get started from few questions related to FB (we like to call by).

  • How much time each day you spend on FB?
  • How much productivity did you gained by joining FB (taking purely business rather than touch)?
  • Have you ever read the terms and conditions of Facebook?
  • Besides knowing much about your friend’s status and more about them, how much have your behavior changed toward fallacy (we talking about being more falsehood)? FB has been reported to increase fabricated status and such activities rather than real social deeds.
  • Did you know that all the media files (pics + videos) that you uploaded in FB to share with your family and friends are owned by FB? (I don’t know whether FB really checked this or not.)
  • …..and more other questions that you could discover yourself.
  • (One more on question section: Have you ever came across a porn ad on the FB right sidebar? I had, it’s a French ad…. more on this if FB ask us.)
  • Few other queried that we can’t publish here. (due to RTA thing that FB promotes on their applications- do a search inside FB on this, you’ll be flooded with too many such apps)

Now let’s buzz with some FB abstract. No matter how popular the Social Networking site Facebook is, there is exponential growth in those leaving it.
Few instances from Wall Street Journal:

She closed her Facebook account, because she thinks this site killed her precious time.
The other man shut his FB down, as he thought his privacy was not maintained by Facebook.
While the other man got lost from his Facebook update status without any notice (who knows what happened to him? FBphobia…)

Myself got my Facebook account deactivate a week before, alas! I was still getting Notifications on the home page. All that I discover was only the FB user link ( was something that you needed password to view me while still friends could access me. There is so much to work out to keep away from friends eye’s without removing them from friend list.
These days we are getting people bidding bye to FB for a reason or the other. However, those already addicted to it could mean no point to those listed in this article. There is really billions or even trillions hit to FB each month and a few leaving it will mean nothing for the Facebook Company.
The noticeable smaller groups of people are really leaving Facebook and the few others going against it. Many campaigns are launched for inspiring people to shutdown or close their Facebook accounts.

LH says Facebook is a devil.
T-shirts printed with SHUT YOUR FACEBOOK.
FB is the commercialization and institutional captivity of your personal and social life.

There are too many applications now associated with FB and the company seems to lack their interest on removing some really notorious applications and others that inspire you to loose your real social entity (like those adult things, negativity of life, developing enmity among friend circle about certain application results). Not to mention many applications (you know ‘em all…) are removed after they got indulged in serious copyright things.
Facebook is not surprisingly one of the most viewed site in Nepal (do a top ten sites of Nepal search in Alexa). Though people are still creating their new profile in it, others have verified that Facebook is not only a social club. The business motive vested interest lies in.
A large number of people, including myself, are really bored of the same status update, profiling, and daily other activities going on inside the FB zone. This is for a certain that personally we are getting closed to Twitter– yet another Social Networking site. You can use Twitter anyway- total business or total contact. Just a few words of site and there you go.
Think once, time can never reverse. Using FB is your own choice. If you are here because you are bored of Facebook, and you were Binging it; hit your experience on the comment box below.

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