YahBinGoo: time for 3-in-1 search

We might be late on this news, but it is rather exciting to use all three search engines- Yahoo, Bing and Google at one single instant we mean to say on the same page. We have been using Bing & Google (Bing-vs-Google) at one page but now time for all the major engines out there.

Though Yahoo had tied up with Bing- the modified search engine of Microsoft, we have not yet seen the search result pages in Yahoo powered by Bing. In this situation, the YahBinGoo (www.yahbingoo.com) is integrating all major search engines.
This is relatively a nice approach to get search result from all three service providers at the same page so that results indexed by one engine appearing in front page which might be appearing in next page of next engine will be benefitted the most. This is to say, TechSansar, for an instance, if appears on 2nd page of Bing and 1st page of Google, then the searcher will have benefit of getting it on the first page apart from when he was using Bing and not getting the proper result.
This YahBinGoo service is sure to reduce hassle for searchers regarding the time for search and at the same time websites are going to make hits- increasing page rank at the same time on all of these search engines.
Do you YahbinGoo? Explore TechSansar there, what do you say?

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