Price of various Google Nexus & Google’s other devices in Nepal


All Nexus line devices have unlockable bootlaoder so allowing further development and end-user modification.

While Google doesn’t have their authorized resellers, distributors and service centers in Nepal for their flagship Nexus smartphones, Nexus tablet computers, Chromebook computers and other media streaming devices like Chromecast, we have tried our best to find the latest price for these Google devices. So, be informed that these Google Nexus / devices prices are informative only.

Update: Ncell exclusively introduces Google Nexus 5 in Nepal, free for its data users.

Price of various Google Nexus & Google's other devices in Nepal

Google DevicesPrice in NPRRemarks
Google Nexus 10 tablet-Google & Samsung electronics partnered table computer
Google Nexus 7 tablet 2nd Generation-2013 version, Google & Asus partnered tablet computer
Google Nexus 7 tablet 1st Generation-2012 version, Google & Asus partnered tablet computer
Google Nexus 5 smartphone 1,05,312 (Ncell offer)Powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, a 5" phone with stunning full HD display, Google & LG partnered Google's first flagship smartphone available on January 2010
Google Nexus 4 smartphone-Manufactured by LG
Google Nexus One-
Google Nexus S-Manufactured by Samsung
Nexus Q-Media streaming device
Google Chromecast$ 35 originallyAdd another $ 20 if shipping/purchasing via Harilo
Google Chromebook-
Google Chromebook Pixel-
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