Ncell exclusively introduces Google Nexus 5 in Nepal, free for its data users

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Ncell, Nepal’s largest mobile telephone operator by subscribers, has once again proved that they are on sunny side of the latest technology besides their cellular infrastructures. Ncell have exclusively introduced Google Nexus 5 (Hammerhead) in the country, first of this scheme in Nepal. With this Ncell offer, data users get a free official Google Nexus 5.

Ncell offers Google Nexus 5 free for its data users in Nepal, image source: Ncell
Ncell offers Google Nexus 5 free for its data users in Nepal, image source: Ncell

Ncell Nexus 5 features

Google Nexus 5, successor to Nexus 4, is the latest flagship Android smartphone jointly developed by Google and LG Electronics as the 5th smartphone in Nexus series.

  • First Google Android Phone to get official Android KitKat 4.4
  • Full HD IPS display of 4.95 inch
  • OIS Camera of 8 Megapixels
  • Quad core processor of 2.26 GHz
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi and Wireless charging
  • First international release October 2013
  • Specs almost similar to LG’s G2
  • 16 GB on-board storage (Ncell sold Nexus’s storage capacity)

Learn detail Nexus 5 specifications from official website here.

Cost breakdown for Ncell Nexus 5

According to Ncell, new Google Nexus 5 comes pre-loaded with Ncell Pro Premium plan and 10 GB of Internet data package included every month for the price of Rs 4,388 each month upto 24 months.

This makes in total Google Nexus 5 price in Nepal till you own, at the end of the 24th month, 24 x 4,388 = Rs 1,05,312 inclusive of all taxes.

If 10 GB Internet data package is purchased separately for Ncell Pro Premium plan, the monthly cost is Rs 3,460 which makes Rs 83,040 for 2 years or 24 months of subscription as of today. Pro Premium Plus plan charges.

With this calculation, Ncell is giving Google Nexus 5 free of charge to its Pro Premium plan data users. There is no cost of the device involved. If you are currently under this plan and have been subscribing to Ncell’s monthly 10GB data package, this is a perfect offer for you.

The original equipment price as listed in Google’s Play store for 16GB version of Nexus 5 is USD 349.

If you were to buy Nexus 5 from Harilo, it would cost little less than 50 thousand rupees including all taxes ie customs and VAT (however, purchasing mobile phone from Harilo and other companies in Nepal is subject to approval of Nepal Telecommunications Authority NTA.)

As of today, there are no any Google’s devices like Chromecast, Chromebook, Google’s smartphones Nexus series and Google Nexus tablet computers official distributors, resellers and service centers in Nepal. With this offer, Ncell should provide the official support of the Nexus 5 device they sold to their customers. (Gray market prices here: Price of various Google Nexus & Google’s other devices in Nepal)

Ncell’s official web page about Nexus 5 offer is down since this was announced.

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