LED vs LCD vs Plamsa TV – Which TV display are you?

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To many the war of display television is just over. Well they are probably UHD fans having 4K video streaming on their curved super resolution television sets. However, most of the customers of modern days TV are still looking for TV sets of various display technologies enabling them – just like LED TV versus LCD TV versus Plasma TV. So, which of this TV are you? Let’s explore the essential differences between these 3 TV technologies keeping apart on Smart TVs & UHD TVs which are already special ones.

Samsung TV price in Nepal, a sample Samsung UHD TV available in Nepal
A sample Samsung UHD TV available in Nepal

Which TV display type is right for you?

There are three major types of display technology, each with its own benefits and the odds. Display types we are discussing here refer to the television displays. Let’s explore what LED vs LCD vs Plasma TVs have in common and contrast. You can find the right TV for your need afterwards.


The latest technology uses LED backlighting to deliver extremely vivid colors and deep blacks, with a contrast ratio comparable to plasma. LED TVs are superior to LCD TVs and are one of the slimmest, most energy efficient TVs available in the market today.


Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are illuminated thru backlit panels and are ideal for rooms where light. LCD TVs are best for displays of 26″ – 32″, 37″ – 42″, 47″ – 50″, and 55″+ sizes.

LCD displays look great in brightly lit environments, and are considered excellent for gaming. Their energy efficiency is superior to Plasma, and their light weight means they’re great for mounting on a wall.

Plasma TV

Plasma displays generate their own light, which delivers better contrast ratio and better response to high-motion video. Plasma TVs is ideal for 19″- 20″ diagonal size/dimension displays.

Plasma TVs offer excellent color and clarity, with deep blacks and minimal motion blurring during fast action scenes, such as movies or sports. Plasma is also the best selection for off-angle viewing.

Viewing distance guide to TVs
Viewing distance guide to TVs

Viewing distance guide to TVs

TV Screen / Display Size (Diagonal) TV Viewing Distance (Eye to TV)
19″ – 20″ 3 ft (36″ ie ~1 meters)
26″ – 32″ 6 ft (72″ ie 1.8 meters)
37″ – 42″ 9 ft (108″ ie 2.7 meters)
47″ – 50″ 11 ft (132″ ie 3.3 meters)
55″ + 14 ft  (168″ ie 4.2 meters)

Some companies like LG, have anti-blurring technology feature “Trumotion” which in LED & LCD can produce similar results of of showing clear actions as with Plasma displays.

The recent technology offers state-of-the-art televisions for every room in your house and viewing zones. LED, LCD and Plasma displays are now accompanied with special features like 3D TV, Smart TV, Curved TV, OLED TV, UHD TV and more TV technologies to come in near future.

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  1. Hari Pandey says

    I have 36 inch LED TV in my sitting room, so I should be sitting somewhere between 6 to 9 feet away from the TV screen. With bigger display screens, our rooms also need to be long enough to watch them, is it like that? And what about the viewing angle? Kati angle ma hunu parchha eye to tv ko?
    Thanks for the information

  2. Shyam Thapa says

    Good information, tv kinda afno ghar ani room ko lambai chaudai thaha hunu jaruri chha

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