Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

This article “Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10” have been updated with all the latest Windows shortcut keys. So, free free to use them as Windows 10 hacks for your everyday Windows 10 computing.

Windows 10 has been gaining a momentum at least with the early adopters of Windows 10 Technical Preview (W10 TP). While Windows 10 promises to address shortcomings of its previous OS edition – Windows 8, W10 still has a lot to go before its fully released for the retail. If you haven’t already, read our review of Windows 10 Technical Preview and its important features. As we keep testing Windows 10 TP, we have found many keyboard shortcuts useful in the Windows 10 Technical Preview for enhanced computing. Find the useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 below, ensure to share with us if you have found any new ones.

Windows 10 useful keyboard shortcuts
Windows 10 useful keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Windows 10 Function Remarks
WIN Start icon + LEFT or  RIGHT ARROW(try UP or DOWN arrow also) Snapping windows together Form quadrants of snapping windows
ALT + TAB Switch to recent window being opened Hold shows new task view window, browse thru and switch to the app opened. (Keyboard shortcut derived from Windows 8)
WIN Start icon + TAB Task view in Windows 10 Opens task view in Windows 10 and task view keeps opened
WIN Start icon + CTRL + D Creates a new virtual desktop Create up to 3 additional virtual desktop
WIN Start icon + CTRL + F4 Closes current opened virtual desktop Just closes Virtual desktop that’s opened
WIN Start icon + CTRL + LEFT or RIGHT ARROW Switch between virtual desktop Rotate around all virtual desktops opened in Windows 10
CTRL + C/V/A Shortcuts accepted by Command Prompt There is a whole lot of other Windows 10 shortcuts for Command Prompt.
WIN Start icon + A Launches Windows 10 Action Center Must have shortcut. Action center hold notifications, and options to toggle tablet and airplane mode, manage display settings, VPN, rotation lock and others.
WIN Start icon + D Shows desktop by minimizing all open applications Same old Windows 7, 8 keyboard shortcuts that still perfectly work in Windows 10.
WIN Start icon +  E Opens My Computer or Launches Windows Explorer This opens your (my) Computer or launches windows explorer from where you discover file system.
WIN Start icon + I Launches Windows 10 Settings app. The Settings app increasingly replaces the Control Panel and it’s much more accessible, particularly if you’re using the touch interface.
WIN Start icon + L Locks Windows 10 computer. Locks your Windows 10’s user account instantly. Must use when leaving your computer unattended.
WIN Start icon + 1/2/3 Opens Taskbar programs serially. Do you have multiple programs pinned at your taskbar? This shortcut will help you open your favorite program with a simple shortcut.
WIN Start icon + G Opens Game bar
WIN Start icon + K Connect to wireless devices This is how you open Bluetooth device connection easily.
WIN Start icon + H Share content Share instantly what you have in your desktop, probably this feature is not much used by users.
WIN Start icon + S / C Search Windows
(S = search by typing,
C = search by voice command)
Search Windows, Internet via keyboard
Search Windows, Internet using voice
WIN Start icon + P Connect to projector. Projects the current screen of your computer thru projector.
WIN Start icon + Spacebar Change the input language Useful if you need to switch between languages
WIN Start icon + SHIFT + LEFT or RIGHT Move the current window to another screen
WIN Start icon + CTRL + LEFT or RIGHT Move between virtual desktops
ALT + TAB Move to the previous window
WIN Start icon + X Launches Power user menu. It launches the power user menu, which contains access to all the advanced Windows features you’ll ever need, including the Mobility Center, Computer Management, elevated Command Prompt, Control Panel, and shutdown options.
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