Spring Cleaning: 10 tips to get a fresh start on online safety from Google

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It’s Spring. Spring 2016 already. And Google wants to make online safety even better with spring cleaning time campaign – right straight from their homepage’s search box. Here are the top 10 tips to get a fresh start on online safety as suggested by Google for this Spring Cleaning.

10 online safety tips by Google
10 online safety tips by Google

On these online safety tips and tricks, Google has focused on their services mainly Google Chrome browser, Android devices and Google Accounts. However, we have managed to include similar other services and make it generic solution to online safety.

Most of the Google’s security features can be accessed by going to your Google Account’s dashboard called “My Account” which is available at https://myaccount.google.com/ and https://www.google.com/dashboard Here you can explore everything about your using of Google Services.

1. Keep the hackers out by updating your Chrome browser. In fact all web browsers that you use and are installed in your computer and mobile devices. Go to about on the browser menu and check for available updates. Detail setup here.

2. Dust off your privacy settings. Choose the privacy settings that are right for you with a quick Privacy Checkup. You can change your privacy flavor as you deem necessary and fit for your purpose.

Keeping yourself safe on online with Google safety tips
Keeping yourself safe on online with Google safety tips

3. Make intruders dance the 2-step. Either using a simple password or being more protective, you can add extra account protection with 2-step verification. Popular services Google Account, Facebook and Twitter all provide 2-step authentication feature. Click here to make provide stronger security for your Google Account here with 2-Step Verification.

4. Install a new lock only you can pick. Secure your phone using a PIN, password, pattern, or even your face, or fingerprint you say. Using a lock on your device is like using a lock on your door.

5. Wipe your device clean, wherever you left it. Remotely lock, locate, ring, or wipe your Android device from wherever you are. Similar feature is also available for iOS users. Just use Android Device Manager app from Google Play or Find my iPhone app.

6. Say goodbye to viruses. Use a security tool such as a regularly updated Antivirus to automatically detect viruses and other unwanted harms to your computing device. Google says you can use Google Drive to scan files for viruses before downloading or sharing – hence you take no risk as using traditional file explorer.

7. Sweep away unwanted software.  You can also use the Google Chrome Cleanup Tool (click here to download) to sweep your PC of unwanted software.

Turning on Incognito or Private Browsing will delete your visited website history
Turning on Incognito or Private Browsing will delete your visited website history

8. Browse without a trail of cookie crumbs. Maybe little advance for others, but you can go online without leaving a record of the sites you visit or the files you download. This feature is called “Incognito” by Google Chrome and “Private browsing” by other web browsers – whatever the name this feature provides you privately surfing the Internet and leaving no digital trail of your online history.

9. Debut a fresh password. When was the last time you changed your Gmail or Facebook password? It’s a right time now if you haven’t already. You can create a strong password and change it every couple of months or if too lazy to do that maybe twice a year. You can borrow some inspiration to change your password from Google Support as well.

10. Get a security tuneup. Local the Security Checkup of your online account of service providers like Google Accounts, Facebook and others – follow their best advices and safety check.

By now you should have a good online safety on practice. Do share us your all time favorite online safety and privacy tricks that you have been practicing!

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