What? A Refrigerator with TouchScreen & Android OS

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Now the technology is almost everywhere and with anyone. It’s not been so long that some companies like Samsung, LG have introduced the Smart TV which have the internet connectivity that connects to a home network via Wi-Fi. Now they are up to refrigerators. We aren’t much familiar with the fridges that have internet connectivity, LCD touchscreens and built in apps. So Samsung is there to introduce it among the customers. Personally, I don’t think we are that excited with days having no electricity and no good western type Internet.

Samsung refrigerator T9000 touchscreen & android based refrigerator
Samsung refrigerator T9000 touchscreen & android based refrigerator

It is previewing its 906 liter capacity, four-door T9000 model at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013 held in Nevada which has 10 inch LCD touchscreen. The main features of this thing are humidity removal system and an optional LCD display.

Full size: Samsung refrigerator T9000 touchscreen & android based refrigerator
Full size: Samsung refrigerator T9000 touchscreen & android based refrigerator

The fridge has a Triple Cooling system to make sure humidity levels in the fresh food compartments are low which helps to produce fresh for longer. This is done with two compressors, three evaporators and an array of sensors. These features of Android based touchscreen refrigerator T9000 from Samsung is believed to give industry a dash, forcing other companies to go hyper tech.

You might be wondering what to do with the touchscreen. In spite of having Android, users can’t install other apps but there are bunch of preinstalled apps containing Epicurious(Information about food and cookery), weather, AP news and a read-only twitter client. It also have integrated Google calendar, Evernote which allows users to share recipes, photos and videos.

The T9000 has expected price tag of US $3999 which will be available in late 2013. But is not expected in Nepal, however Him Electronics, the sole Samsung digital products distributor for Nepal, might be interested to bring this hyper tech fridge in Nepal, or shall we call this fridge a gadget? huh..

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