Mobile BTS – Nepal Telecom works to better Signal Transmission


Hard, yes rarely, once could make a successful connection to Nepal Telecom‘s mobile phone from a mob or a mela or a concert or the crowd of few hundred people. This was the one of the greatest complaints filed to NTC to their mobile telephony services. But Nepal Telecom is all set to make it a history by launching some mobile (portable) BTS (Base Transceiver Stations) on carrier trucks.
NTC is preparing to purchase 16 mobile BTS enabled vehicles so as to transport them to crowds. This mobility is the best option to downed BTS cutting reception to customers. According to Telecom authority, within 6 to 7 month’s time BTS mobility vehicle will be assigned to all regional directorate including Kathmandu.
Telecom is going to prioritize the Valley localities like Baneshwor, Khulamanch, Dashrath Stadium during games, and other possibly crowded locations. It is supposedly believed that NTC will operate these mobile BTS vehicles to exhibitions, rallies, other crowded positions, during disasters (flooded areas, landslided areas), heavy traffic jams and so on.
Mobile BTS Trucks will carry folded mobile towers which can be erected when desired. Such trucks cost around 2 crore Nepalese Rupees. Currently, Huwai of China and Mitsubishi of Japan are producing such vehicles.
Nepalese Customers of NTC mobile phones are expected to get better signal reception and seamless telephony connection from such venture of the Telecom – which is the first of its kind in our country.

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