Sambad Technologies organizes Information Security training in Bangkok

Sambad Technolgies is organizing a training on Information Security for Business in Bangkok, Thailand from May 12 to 14. Participants of the course are the representatives from governments, banks, NGOs, and other business establishments from India, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and other countries. This International Training on Information Security for Business 2010 Bangkok is surely a good indication of Nepalese development on the field of IT. Eight such trainings have already been organized by the company in the past.

Sambad Technologies Training
International Training on Information Security for Business 2010 Bangkok
The company Sambad technologies says on its website, the crucial knowledge and useful techniques in the training can be utilized immediately in business environment.
The training deals with confidentiality, integrity and availability aspects of information security that are essential to maintain business continuity, competitive edge, profitability, legal compliance and commercial image.
“The course covers current concerns and in depth technical aspects of most crucial areas of information”, adds Pramod Parajuli, the Chief Consultant to the company.
Repeated threats of information thefts and sophisticated attacks on infrastructures have generated demands for conducting this training regionally and internationally.
The training aims at imparting skills to utilize new opportunities created by information and communication technologies and address the threats generated.
Basically, it is to provide to master the practical steps necessary to defend attacks on businesses and organizations. The training product has been designed by Team Education of the company by utilizing its own resources through research. The company succeeded in placing the training in international market.
Dibas Neupane, the company CEO, informed that this Information Security traning is attended by CEOs, Managers of Projects, Programs, Finance and Business, IT Officers, System Administrators and other experts. The Nepalese company will organize such events in future as well.
Team TechSansar cheers to Nepalese IT company for organizing training on International arena.

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