Smart Telecom goes Mobile

Smart Telecom, the 6th mobile operator in the country, has started the Mobile Telephony services on limited mobility onward July 9, 2010.

Smart Telecom Nepal Logo
Smart Telecom Nepal Logo
This operator has got the telecommunication license to serve about 398 villages in Nepal where there have been no any telecom services so far before. Limited Mobility has been enfored by the NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) so that Smart Telecom could better serve villages where farmers, local enterpreneurs, and local Government bodies could maximize the use of the telecommunication.
Smart Telecom is all set to serve its customers by supplying necessary information regarding the Farming Products like vegetable prices, Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Education and Mobile Health Services (like Telemedicine).
The mobile phones of Smart Telecom begins in number from 961. Due to Limited Mobility, a mobile holder can’t cross a district of his service to make a phone call.
Smart Telecom has already set up many BTS (Base Station Towers) in many places in Nepal. See this map of Nepal for coverage of Smart Telecom in Nepal.

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