Blackberry in Nepal – all with Ncell

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Ncell-new-logo-of-mero-mobileNcell has worked to distribute Blackberry, a RIM specialized mobile phone, in the Nepalese market. This has come on the auspicious occasion of Mero Mobile being Ncell.

Spice Nepal has contracted with international cell phone manufacturing company Research in Motion (RIM) for initiating the services with Blackberry. The Telecommunications Authority has already provided consent to use this service for Ncell.

Ncell has not yet fixed the price for using Blackberry with their networks.

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  2. Paranjaya says

    In blackberry phone there will be ncell logo or not? it’s price will be high or low?

  3. Ncell says

    Price is around 50-60 thousand for BB Bold 9700. There will not be logo, but there will be an sticker of the Ncell logo. Monthly charge will be around Rs.1200-1500 per month for the Blackberry Internet Service.

  4. rahul says

    wiil n cell support blackberry mobiles that they them selves have not distributed?are there any additional services tat n cell will provide for blackberry users????

  5. RAIKID says

    i have got unlocked blackberry pearl 8100..and its working with ncell..i wanna knw does ncell gprs works with third party application now???i recently registerd ncell internet service…plz do reply

    1. harsh says

      when is it launching??

  6. 10zin says

    Just a quick one, Have you guys started BB internet services in Nepal already???

  7. A.C. Rabin. says

    Hello Ncell,
    Could you please tell me who much is the real price in Nepal for BB phone? Can we use another sim also or only Ncell?
    I am very much looking forward to buying this phone.
    Thanks for your informations.

  8. bibek thapa says

    Hey!! i would like to know that i got one blackberry same model and can i access ncell with the same blackberry which i bought from usa??

    1. TechSansar says

      Please do confirm from Ncell authorities. They would never reply us. The only thing Ncell says is that the blackberry which you buy from Ncell itself is locked, meaning you can’t use it with other operators.

      So chances are the same blackberry which you bought in USA may not work.

  9. bibek thapa says

    i meant like my model is blackberry 8330 and it has no input for sim that is no place for sim card!!! plz help me out with this it is really cooL!!

    1. TechSansar says

      Dear Bibek, we have learnt that Blackberry 8330 is a locked CDMA device not designed to run on GSM operators. Eventually it is not going to work in Nepal (or with Ncell) until they unlock it for you.

  10. Nana says

    I already register my blackberry to NCELL, but its really disappointing. I paid (more or less) Nrs 1200, but still for using Blackberry messenger and push email, they charged again / kb. Then what is the function of RIM, because when I paid Nrs 1200, RIM should come with a package unlimited for using YM, FB, Twitter, BBM and push email. and not charged again from my balance. The technician said YM cant be use in Nepal and will be charged again because it have to be YM Nepal. oh, come on…. I use blackberry is already for 3 years, and even though my YM is from spore, i can still use it in thailand without being charged!
    so, please Ncell, upgrade your system and dont keep on charging! i can say this is a cheating! and its better to launch blackberry system when at least the system already function 99%, because right now, it only function 20%

  11. Deep Thapa says

    I have black berry 8700g and using NTC sim card. what should i do get the internet service( WI-FI SERVICE)? Should i buy ncell simcard?

  12. umesh says

    i have a blackberry mobile set so i can use this set only by ncell or ntc sim also.

  13. Ubraj says

    i have BB 8520 curve does it works on ncell sim without registering serial no

  14. Lamsallink says

    hi can i use mig33 on my blackberry 9800 with ncell wap without subscription .

  15. Lamsallink says

    hi can i use mig33 on my blackberry 9800 with ncell wap without subscription .

  16. muhammad irsan says

    how we get setting black berry in Kathmandu? with N cell

  17. muhammad irsan says

    how we get setting black berry in Kathmandu? with N cell

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