Write in Nepali Roman Unicode directly both online & offline support

Type in Nepali Romanized Unicode Directly, just enter or write words in roman Nepali and they will automatically be converted to Nepali Unicode. It uses Google transliteration technology on the fly for conversion.
E.g: To print ‘हाम्रो देश’ in Nepali, type ‘hamro desh’ in English and then press Spacebar or Enter. To toggle between Nepali and English press Ctrl+g.
नेपाली रोमन युनिकोडमा कसरी लेख्ने? तलको बक्समा चाहेको कुरा रोमनमा (hamro desh) लेखेर स्पेस वा इन्टर हन्नुहोस, तपाईले लेखेको कुरा स्वत: युनिकोडमा आउनेछ|

If you can’t type in the above box, click here.
Important Notes:
This Nepali Unicode converter has predefined roman letters for all Devanagari letters. Use the following guide for simplicity.
a=अ aa=आ /A i=इ
ii/ee/I=ई u=उ uu/oo/U=ऊ
RRi/R^i=ऋ e=ए ai=ऐ k=क kh=ख g=ग
gh=घ ~N=ङ ch=च
chh=छ j=ज jh=झ
~n=ञ T=ट Th=ठ
D=ड Dh=ढ N=ण …

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