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Do you use internet just for social networking, chatting on Facebook and tweeting Tweets on Twitter? Or, do you make actual use of internet, surfing through different popular blogs, reading news, facts and tutorials? Internet in not only that what I just mentioned. You will find 10 M thousands of options in internet. Hours will be insufficient if you go through every webpages on web.

Save to Pocket
Save to Pocket
If you have habit of reading blogs and find answers for you. Then how do you prefer saving those pages for tomorrows’ use. Bookmarking on your browser was a good option to save. So, you may vary with browser, or technology, or may want to share it on your favorite app.
Now Pocket is a great tool for saving websites that you come across in your daily browsing. You may find it as a good alternative if you use to have 10s of tabs open after you Google searched something for your research. No you can save the pages to Pocket and then go back and look through the pages at your leisure. Pocket has its extension for Mozilla, Chrome and Opera, and also has an app for iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows Mobile, Web OS, s60 and Blackberry. Which one do you choose for your Pocket? Now, Pocket is integrated with almost 300 of apps available in any store.

So, What’s new with Pocket?

The new “Save to Pocket” button functions like most social sharing buttons on the web. It displays a counter showing how many times a specific article has been saved on Pocket, and it’s also a simple way for readers to save articles. Pocket already allows publishers to integrate its functionality into their mobile apps, but the company will be promoting its mobile SDK even more now.
Not only does Pocket save your links, but it also has the option to favoritemark as readdelete and most recently share and send link via email. The latter option being a great way to collect webpages for a new research project before sharing with your group. Now, Pocket also offers you to send links to your friends through email, which is most efficient way to share contents as mentioned by official Pocket blog.

While “broadcasting” to social networks (like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr) is popular, Pocket users still share via email more than twice as often.
Today’s Pocket update introduces a completely redesigned Share Menu—and we’re excited to introduce Send to Friend, a simple way to share with anyone without leaving Pocket. Official Pocket Blog

You can easily implement Pocket Buttons on your websites or Blogs.

How long do stories live in Pocket?

A info-graphic from Pocket’s Blogs shows that the stories are live for longer time period than using other methods of save and share.

Lifespan of a Story with Pocket
Lifespan of a Story with Pocket
Now, you may want to save web pages to Pocket and read it when you are offline. Get an account here, when it is free. Who knows they may charge for it in future? Start an easy browsing with Pocket now.

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