Wi-Fi Access Directory Nepal

Do that restaurant in Ghamsikhel have Wi-Fi access? If I go to that movie theatre or a food stall nearby, can I use wireless internet? And.. many related thoughts might been crawling in your mind, before you make a decision to go to any food stall, entertainment halls, pub/bar/restaurant, hotel, business houses, and many others. Here, we try to collect those places who offer Wi-Fi access (both free and paid* as indicated in the remark section) in Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, and other cities inside Nepal. We welcome you to contribute to this collection “WiFi Directory Nepal”.

FYI: We don’t list here WiFi hotspot services provided by Wireless ISPs like Broadlink, NTC etc. Also excluded are WiFi enabled areas like Thamel.

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  5. Ishwor Giri says

    Techminds, PDS SERVER in Chitwan ,

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