Apple's Fabled Tablet As iPad

With a lot of speculation rumors and expectation, Apple’s fabled tablet debuted from its CEO Steve Jobs this Wednesday. It has brought some hopes for the staggering newspaper market and many have predicted that it is a start of new unseen market. But to this point most of the customers reaction is  divided on the mojo of the Apple’s coolness.

The first disappointment was with the name. ipad was retracted with feminine products. Watch this youtube video making fun of the product. The problem with the name will be gone after ipad will establish its roots in the market.

[youtube][/youtube] Apple couldn’t convince its customer how its different than the normal iphone which is extremely awesome. It looks like a magnified iphone without camera and other standard features.  The ipad is normally was speculated as a revolutionary product to shake up new tablet market. Here are some points which we draw after looking at the ipad.

  1. Apple loves extra for keyboard and other accessories.
  2. The ditto iPhone OS system.
  3. Apps builder need no worries.
  4. It doesnt allow parallel application as in iphone.
  5. It does not have Flash support.
  6. Screen does not look convincing to get the panaromic view.
  7. Does not have any way we can port it to other form of technology like HD and other.
  8. Doesn’t have a camera.
  9. USB port dead.
  10. Who cares about SD card??
Watch Steve Jobs revealing the ipad.
Apple ipad will be on market starting from March 27.
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