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This category contains the Apple featured articles and the products like iPad, iPhone, Safari, iTunes etc.

Complete features of iPhone 5

All new 6th generation of iPhone 5 has been announced today, while we did our best to cover the live update of the iPhone 5 launch event live, we explore here whole bunch of Complete features of iPhone 5. Let's watch all features of…

Cheaper and slimmer – Apple TV

This is the first time that Apple has revised the Apple TV and it has been a couple of years since the manufacturer released the original product. The company has done plenty of changes in design, functionality and price of the product.…

iPad in Nepal, priced high

Finally though unofficial iPad is available for purchase in Kathmandu. Few weeks ago Team TechSansar, wrote a couple of articles about iPad and iPhone simulators as soon as iPad was launched. Now you can buy iPad, (if you like it unlike…

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