Nokia battery changing campaign: Important information for owners of Nokia 7210 mobiles

Again the time for changing your Nokia handset charger! Nokia has announced that for all out there who are using a Nokia 7210 and some 3oooseries, it is possible that you may have a faulty charger. Nokia has just identified that certain chargers of model no AC-3E manufactured between June 15 2009 and August 9 2009 might have a faulty charger body. Nokia has published the notice in Nepal and in India too. So, confirm about your mobile.
With such chargers, the plastic cover over the charger’s electronics could come use while usage and could pose a threat of electric shock, although Nokia claims that no such incidents have come to their knowledge yet, and that the issue is being handled pro-actively.

So how do you find out if you charger is faulty? Nokia advises the following three steps:

  • Step-1: Every charger has a 27 digit code printed on it. Consumers are requested to Please Key in (CHG) SPACE (the 27 digit in the serial number of the charger). Eg. CHG 4956279274091613752;0675370
  • Step-2: Please send this to 55555
  • Step-3: Consumers will then get a reply from Nokia ‘via sms’ that will inform them whether their charger is included in this exchange program

The information here is retained for Nokia users in India. For Nepal, please visit your Nokia authorized showrooms or Neoteric Nepal.
Starting 10th November 2009, you can also visit any Nokia Care Center or Nokia Priority Dealership store to find out if your charger is one of the faulty ones. You can also visit: and fill in the above mentioned number to find out if your charger is one of the faulty ones.
If your charger is indeed identified as faulty, Nokia offers the following modes to get your charger replaced:

  • Visit the nearest Nokia Care Centre: Replacement chargers are available at the 700+ exclusive Nokia Care Centers only across the country starting November 10, 2009.
  • Consumers can also fill in their address and contact details online on Replacement chargers would then be couriered to the consumers.
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