Launch of a crazy new Social App 11Beep, Lets you socialize with your auto-expiring statuses

What is 11Beep?

Ever posted a social network status and all of sudden you are manipulated because of it? Worry not, a Nepali startup 11Beep is going to launch its new Android app next week which lets users post and share auto-expiring social statuses with your circle or public.

11Beep is a mobile social network unlike exciting apps like Snapchat or whisper or any other social network providing completely unmonitored pleasure being on a social circle. This app is blends your total freedom of expression over social media which is the next big thing in a time where issues of privacy and security are of top concern.

Who is this app for?

Coming out from Nepal, 11Beep will be initially released in beta to the Google Play and free to download. For now, users can request for invitations to try out the beta version via 11Beep’s official website ie This app is for all the existing users of social network, and those users who have not yet joined any social network because of current limitations set on information freedom or other odds. However, people who understand, practice and worry about data privacy will find this app a fit.

“Freedom App” 11Beep

11Beep is beyond just status or photo sharing, it provides platform for expression without any inhibition. Therefore, 11Beep is different in terms of the problems it tries to solve which is currently unaddressed by existing social networks. These days, we are bound to think too much before sharing anything on our social statuses. Nobody wants to share personal opinions at all because that opinion will last forever in the digital history allowing people (authorities or the anonymous world!) to deduce your personality and mean to the state.

11Beep is addressing the limitations and bridging existing social networks namely, Twitter and Snapchat. The amalgamation is a disruptive product which is able to penetrate a market to fulfill gaps on existing social networks.

11Beep helps control your information!

There are situations when you want to express but without being monitored for the future references. In many cases, psychological perspective of observing things might get misinterpreted because of 3rd party intervention.

Let’s take a common scenario of the wedding season in Nepal right now, for an instance. Families ask for Facebook profile of bride and groom before marriage in order to learn more on them. Now imagine your bride’s parents looking at your old photo on the Facebook with some obvious objections (maybe TGIF hangouts, or with your ex, or let’s say family unsafe materials which they would misinterpret.)

These are not only issues of privacy policy levels provided by social networks, but also the concern that you have some shared stuffs which you want to be deleted once shared among your close circle. You define your period of status and the freedom.

11Beep vs Traditional Social Networks

11Beep helps minimize the complications arising with constant monitoring over things shared on social network  at user-level. The initial funda of social network was to connect people, build circles not to extract out your personality or orientation over state, people or organizations. However, the flow of digital information has been penetrated thru infinite channels which otherwise was unknown at the beginning of the social network. It is out of our imagination now that how our data can is being controlled and manipulated leading to its misuse, obviously without knowledge and consent.

Download 11Beep application from Google Play - SelfDestructivePost, FreedomofExpression App
Download 11Beep application from Google Play – SelfDestructivePost, FreedomofExpression App

11Beep will give you a different experience from all other existing apps with a sense of freedom on connection and broadcasting your personal opinions.

11Beep is backed up by a Nepal based startup of the same name 11Beep and developed by the team of Bimal Maharjan, the CEO and Vivek Bhusal, the CTO of the company.

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