[How to] Set up Linksys by Cisco Wireless G router for NTC ADSL

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Cisco Linksys Wireless Router G
Cisco Linksys Wireless Router G

Last time we had a coverage of how to set up Digicom router for NTC ADSL, by popular demand this time it is Linksys router to create a wireless network in your home for ADSL. Linksys is a Cisco consumer line of networking equipments, slightly expensive than many other similar devices but with excellent network management services. The Linksys by Cisco Wireless G network router can be configured with Nepal Telecom’s ADSL or other cable internet service providers line to create a local wireless SOHO or simply home network – connecting multiple wireless capable computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Simply, follow these steps to configure Linksys by Cisco Wireless G router for NTC ADSL. Most of the steps do apply to Cable internet providers as well.

  1. Assuming you have your Linksys by Cisco router on hand, connect it to your ADSL cable. In this case, you can use your Ethernet cable to connect from your Cable internet service provider as well.
  2. Next, connect your Wireless-G Broadband Router, the same Linksys, device to your computer via another Ethernet cable.
  3. Enter in the address bar to open the Router management page of Linksys router (default admin credentials for Linksys router is admin/admin.)
  4. There you go, opt the Setup tab, go to configuration, enter the parameters specified by NTC for ADSL or the parameters given by your cable company.
  5. Route selection: Auto, VPI-8, VCI-81, Encapsulation: LLC
  6. Use your NTC provided username and password (we strongly suggest you change your ADSL password right now if you are a new ADSL customer, because it is too easy to hack your NTC ADSL password !!! We have warned you! )
  7. So far so good, ADSL must be working now. Next is to set up a wireless home networking in Linksys router, for which you should visit Wireless tab.
  8. Enter the Wireless Network Name (SSID) you desire, you have the option to publicly display your SSID.
  9. Next, enable or disable Wireless Security from the security tab.
  10. Choose the type of security mode you want to use on your wireless network. Linksys by Cisco recommends using WPA2 Personal for home networks. Enter the password you want to use on your network in the “WPA Shared Key” field. Save your settings, reboot the router that’s all.

More or less, the configuration of all ADSL router is the same, some devices have more functionalists (like this Lynksys which have traffic filtering and advanced Network management options) while others just connect you to the network. For Linksys by Cisco Wireless-G Broadband Router with speed booster, see the official guidelines here.

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