Use Google in Other Ways You Never Cared

Google Nepal SearchWhat are you thinking about Google? A search engine, something which will display you 107 million results about Nepal. Don’t limit your knowledge of Google as just a box which will display you text, images, videos, blogs whenever you feed it with something. We have explored really some cool features about Google, you were unaware or never knew about.

There are so many features to improve your search experience with Google, the most visited website.
Unit Conversion
Absolutely recommended! Everyday we need to convert among various units. Units of length, time, mass and so on. You can convert all of the 7 fundamental units into any of the derived units as long as you know how to input the string on the Google Search box.
Google Unit Conversion
Tell 172 cm in inches, Google will convert the units for you as shown in screenshot.
Another inbuilt function of Google Search is the Calculator. Feed Google will the single line expression of any calculation or expression (of course, only arithmetic expressions), you will see the result instantly. Ensure you know how to write the search string, like sqrt, *, ^ etc.
Google Calculator
Google Definitions
Usually referred to as Google Dictionary, in fact, Google serves the definitions of many terminologies. However, the Google Dictionary is still primitive. It displays the definitions from web searched sites (3rd party) like Wikipedia, Princeton, Wikihow etc. Also like in a normal dictionary there are no phonetics and word structure as well.
Google Definitions
To search the definition of any terminology or word, the simplest approach is to go thru Google define: term syntax. For example; to define a word satiable, type define: satiable.
Quick Weather Report
Absolutely not needed to visit any website to know the latest weather report of Kathmandu valley while you’re in Nepal or aboard. Similarly, whichever city you are in simply search Google with weather Kathmandu and you will get the quick weather report for the day and then following.
Google Weather Kathmandu
Synonym Search
Though not a Thesaurus feature exactly, you can search the synonymous word in Google. To say, you can let Google search the synonym of the word you enter to it.

Google Poor Synonym result
Google Poor Synonym result
Suppose we want to search about wafer, and also want to include or search the synonym of this word. Simply use a tilde (~) may be above a tab button in your keyboard before any keyword you write in the Google search box. For our results of ~wafer, Google searched and displayed about Wafer (itself), Substrate, CHIP; and should we we say that were fine.
Google Synonym Result Search
Google Synonym Result Search
However, synonym search of Google is very poor. Most of the time while we were writing this article, this didn’t yield the appropriate result so that we could screenshot to you.
Package Tracking
You can quickly track the location and status of your parcel or a package if it is shipped in via UPS, Fedex or USPS. Google returns the best package web tracking link to you, this link will direct you to into the package tracking page of the respective courier service.
This service of package or courier tracking is available Globally including Nepal.
Time of any City
Google Time & Date of any City
Google Time & Date of any City
To see the time in many cities around the world, type in “time” and the name of the city. Like time Sydney
Sunrise & Sunset
Sunset in Pokhara via Google
Sunset in Pokhara via Google
Know the time when sunrise and sunset will occur in your city or country. Again, type sunrise or sunset followed by your city name. Like we did sunset Pokhara. And Yes, Google mean it Nepal.

7:04pm Saturday (NPT) – Sunset in Pokhara
1 hour 55 minutes from now

Currency Conversion

Currency conversion Google
Currency conversion Google
How much is 1 Thai Baht equivalent to Nepalese Rupees? Stop searching. Simply let Google show you the precise currency conversion as of the day. Google’s inbuilt currency or monetary conversion is really useful for all of us.
For complete features of Google, visit their special search page.

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