Free and Best desktop blog editors

Working to blog offline all the way from your desktop, surely you can and you’d love once you fix the application that you like. We have superficially reviewed some of the free (and best included in) desktop blog editors, unless otherwise mentioned the default OS is Windows 7 as we tested and most, if not all, of these editors support WYSIWYG.

1. Microsoft Office Word
2. Windows Live Writer
3. Bleezer (Win+Mac, Cross Platform)
4. Deepest Sender (Cross Platform)
5. Post2Blog (Win)
6. BloGTK (Gnome)
7. QTM (Cross Platform)
8. Drivel (Gnome)
9. Gnome Blog (Gnome)
10. BlogDesk (Win)
11. Flock (Cross Platform)
Flock as a free social web browser is known to all of us. It has got a blog editor, precise to say, a WYSIWYG editor,. Supports popular blogging sites.
12. ScribeFire (Cross Platform)
Like Flock this is not a standalone app for blogging. ScribeFire is just a Firefox extension simplifying to make a blog posting for many blogging platforms.
13. Qumana (Win + Mac)
Supports keyword ads, spell checker, image uploads, multiple blogs.
14. Thingamablog (Cross Platform)
15. w.bloggar for Windows
One of the earliest desktop blogging applications, supports multiple blog and text formatting, many more blogging platforms including Joomla and Drupal.
16. Zoundry Raven for Windows
Plus point of image uploading with Picasa and Image Shack
Other paid Blog editing clients are:
BlogJet for Windows
Newz Crawler for Windows
RocketPost 2 for Windows
WB Editor 3 for Windows
MacJournal for Mac
Ecto for Mac
MyWeblog for Mac
Blogo for Mac
My BlogEdit for Mac
MarsEdit for Mac
We know we might be missing some great apps out there, let us know which is your favorite one.

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