Increasing Investments in Nepalese Telecommunications

The new Fiscal Year is encouraging Nepalese Telecommunication Companies to continue the investment in their service quality and equipments. Last year alone (in 2066/67 FY), the Telecom Companies invested a huge amount of 6 Arab (6 Trillions, yes that’s a 9 zeros figure) Nepalese Rupees to ameliorate the quality of the service and the number of customers. Should we say they were successful in both? – the Nepalese Telecom Market.

The expenditure amounted to NRs 6 arab, 13 crore (6, 130,000,000) while the Telecommunication Companies purchased the equipments and devices to add on their services; according to  Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). This amount is the double of the investment the companies did the last year.

Investment by Telecommunication Companies in Nepal

Nepal Rastra Bank has recently publicized the fact that the procurement/importing of telecommunication equipments has increased by 92% in the last year. This show that a huge, yes a mega, amount of Nepalese Rupees is lost for the name of improving quality services, but we are really not getting the so-called ‘Better Service & Quality’ of these 6 telecom companies in the country.

NTA says this year also the huge investments will continue, as all 6 telecom companies and some ISPs are going through the purchasing of large amount of equipments related to the telecommunications, telephony and internet.

To sum up, Ncell (the former Mero Mobile) has invested the highest amount followed by Nepal Telecom in the last year. Team has worked to summarize the investment made by different companies, see the pictographs.

Investments by Nepalese Telecommunications Companies in 2066/67 FY


Amount (millions)




Customers cum Services

Nepal Telecom


Equip, 1,420 to be spent for NGN from ZTE which is not included in this
invested amount

Nepal Satellite


Equip + Services

Smart Telecom


Equip + Services

United Telecom (UTL)


Equip + Services



NA ( produced)

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