Sony’s sleeker Vaio X is comparable with Kareena Kapoor

Sony Vaio X Yes, this is it. Sony just launched their sleek Vaio X laptops in India and compares these laptops to Kareena Kapoor, the bollywood actress. In fact this is a netbook or ultraportable laptop Vaio X series from Sony, the catchline is “The New Size Zero”- so what does it stands for! Read on…

One Indian Tech News site write: And who better to talk about this ultra-slim ideal to the Indian audience than the Vaio’s new brand ambassador, Kareena Kapoor, famously quoted as wanting to become a size zero. Barely had we recovered from our laughing fit that we came across this gem in the press release: “I only lend my name to a brand that is suitable to my personality type. Vaio X is slim, stylish and sexy; something that I easily relate with.” Perhaps the laptop will appeal to older men too…KareenaKapoor-SonyVaioX
Anyway, let’s get back to the two new products in the Vaio X series that were launched by Sony. Beyond all the silly marketing hype, these machines really are incredibly sleek, measuring about half an inch thin and weighing just 655 grams each. The light weight is possible thanks to a new hybrid carbon material that is sturdy, while being light.
These are also one of the first netbooks to come loaded with Microsoft’s Windows 7 Home Edition, as well as Intel’s new Atom Silverthorne processors. The Vaio VPCX113KG will come with a 1.8GHz Z540 processor and 64GB SSD, while the Vaio VPCX117LG is equipped with a 2.0GHz Z550 processor and 128GB SSD.
The lower-end VPCX113KG claims to offer a battery life of 3.5 hours, while the costlier VPCX117LG (weighing 750 grams) can last for 6 hours on a single charge. Both the devices offer optional battery packs that increase this life to over 12 hours.
Both laptops come with an 11.1-inch LED-backlit display, with a native resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The screen also has a built-in VGA Webcam for video chats, enabled via the host of connectivity options the devices come with: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, memory card readers, etc.
The sturdy aluminium keyboard looks like it could be a brilliant typing experience, and some early reviews have said the same. And a multi-touch trackpad is always a boon these days, especially when you consider the uses it could have with Windows 7 .
Complete with a 1-year warranty, the Vaio VPCX113KG retails at IRs. 64,990, while the Vaio VPCX117LG costs IRs. 84,990.

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