Maoist Mega-Protest Live Online

Nepal is embracing  political squabbling with  the failure of constitution assembly to make new constitution and demonstration of  Unified CPN (Maoist).  But the Journalist and news sites have shown the bright side of  communication through the use of  different form of  approach to relay the mega demonstration of the Maoist.
Nepal is yet to see if the present Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal gives resignation or not, the Maoist’s protest on May 1st. The live cameras from Kathmandu, live Nepali TVs are broadcasting everything well. Hope this is helpful for all.
Here are some of the web phenomenon seen online.
Famous blog was seen informing its huge base all around the world through live blogging.

Another media house Nagariknews is telecasting it live through ustream which is the opportunity for Nepali all around the world to see the event live. Here is the link to watch it online ,

Dinesh Badu Live Broadcasting from Nepal ,  मे दिवसका अवसरमा एनेकपा माओवादीले गर्न लागि रहेको बिशाल शक्ति प्रदर्शनको प्रत्यक्ष प्रशारण

Live IP Camera from Durbarmarg, see the Maoist’s exhibition live from Kathmandu below

These three are the live broadcast from Kathmandu, you can watch Maoists May 1st observation and all those political turmoil going on in Nepal thru these live cameras and streams.

Old media house ekantipur is busy updating news with flash alert.

However Twitter is not overwhelmed by tweets related to real time updates. But news link were seen propagating very well.

Much of the Maoist supporters and general people are pouring their support and anguish via Facebook status.

Till now, non of the Nepali websites are  crashing like the “Micheal Jackson Moment in internet” during Girija Prasad Koirala’s death in Nepal.
More Updates coming. Ideas and other sources welcomed!! Subscribe to Nepali Sites latest breaking news about Nepal and maobadi protests on Twitter stream here:
Keep refreshing this page for latest live images on protests on Nepal….

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