Thamel to go Wi-Fi

wi-fi-zone-logo, img by airportlivery.comThis has been an issue for quite a long time by now, Thamel, the famous tourist destination in Kathmandu, is in one or the other way Wi-Fi zone already. More than 80 percent of restaurants, hotels and services involved with tourism have already enabled their business as Wi-Fi zone, however which was limited or secured or charged extra for using. Many of the business even provide Wi-Fi for free in Thamel. Now, the Thamel Tourism Development Council (TTDC) and Mercantile Communications has worked together to bring Wi Fi to Thamel.

This is a hotspot service which can be used in any Wi-Fi enabled device, say your Android tablet or iPad or a laptop computer or even a desktop with Wireless adapter. According to TTDC president Tajendra Shrestha, this effort to WiFi(lyze) Thamel is to develop Thamel as a sophisticated tourist destination and add an increased stay of tourists in the area.

Mercantile Communications Systems is investing a bulk of Rs 40 million for Wi-Fi set up in Thamel. While those which have not yet enabled their business area as Wi-Fi zone may find this initiative very attractive, but what about those which have already invested a large sum for this service? And what if restaurants, hotels, entrepreneurs or others business want to provide free Wi-Fi as a part of their service? This is yet to be discovered.

The Thamel Wi-Fi is accessible via automatically generated Wi-Fi coupons which can be purchased in many outlets inside Thamel and directly from Mercantile office. It is going to cost as much as 75 to 100 rupees per hour but the service is expected to be available 24 hours but the speed of wireless access is not mentioned anywhere.

According to eKantipur new report, this plan is to cover more than 150 restaurants and 200 hotels plus other businesses in Thamel.

A list of Wi-Fi zones (user submitted to TechSansar) in Kathmandu including Thamel can be found in our archived article here.

Updated: People are saying that TTDC should have opened bid for whole of this process. There can be monopoly of Mercantile on turning Thamel as a Wi-Fi internet zone. No details of the project has yet been launched, however.

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