Google USB Stick, what is that?


Google USB Stick or is it a pen drive? We just looked ‘huh’!

google usb stick lego

It’s a Google USB Stick in the form of a nerdy looking lego dude.

google usb stick lego2

The poor Google stick, we need to remove it’s head before feeding it data.

google usb stick lego3

Seems like your computer is eating this poor Google device.

google usb stick lego4

The full package Google USB stick looked slick.

Found on Google store is this Google Android USB 4GB (below).

Google Android USB 4GB

Your favorite little green droid has taken on a new job: helping you save your data. The Google Android character’s head is removable, allowing you to plug the USB stick directly into your laptop or PC. Includes a handy keyring attachment. Price £ 14.94

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