Is Nepal ready for 3D TVs ? Samsung says yes.

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Yet another instance to show Nepal is on the Electronics Consumer Market Globally. Samsung has launched different ranges of 3D televisions across the LED platform via Him Electronics.

The entire lineup of Samsung Full HD 3D televisions, the LED 7000 series, will be available in the Nepali market starting this week, the company said Thursday (July , 2010).

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Samsung 3D Television in Nepal
Samsung 3D Television in Nepal

It added that the latest products that were launched in Las Vegas recently have been introduced in Nepal aiming to redefine the home entertainment experience for consumers.

Samsung’s proprietary built-in video processor along with 3D processor; 3D optimized panel and frame rate conversion technology provide the best picture quality in 3D.

With built-in Ethernet connection and wireless-ready capabilities, the 2010. The entire range of 3D full HD TVs includes the upgraded [email protected] with Samsung Apps with the AllShare feature that provides users a wireless connection between their TVs and compatible mobile devices. Users can share movies,photos and music through a single device.

Samsung 3D LED televisions are available in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch screen sizes priced at Rs. 2,75,990, Rs. 3,49,990 and Rs 4,89,990 respectively.

In the meanwhile, LG has responded this Samsung venture with its own LG LED TV, true to life! The latest range of LG LED HD Television offers wide-viewing angle technology where the IPS panel perfectly displays vivid and true to life picture quality with consistently accurate color reproduction. Discover true quality picture with no color distortion or color wash glitch from any viewing angle within 179 degree and is suitable for high-speed drive such as the full HD 120 Hz.

New LG LED TVs coming in different names starting from 22 to 42 inches as LE 5300, LE 5500, LE 7500 with widest range of features: THX certified, bluetooth TV, invisible speaker, true 1080p, USB 2.0, etc.

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  1. Linkin 凵爪彐己廾 says

    I dont think this is good for the Third world Country like Nepal. It doesnt mean that all Nepalese care poor. The rich could afford it. But about the poor, they still cant have B/W tv. So it is better if this product is not launched officially.

  2. Naresh says

    That’s very good new things intering into nepal.

  3. niran says

    What the bullshit idea is the brand like samsung is comming nowadays…..more then half nepalese are dreaming about the l.c.d televisions and it brings the 3d tv’s…………………..which costs like rocket to nepalese people…………and another thing is glasses……..the person who is wearing the glasses can only watch 3d other can’t………….and the 3d glasses costs like fuel for the rocket………….in india 3d glasses costs like around I.C8000 rs……….God please help these company……………….and Give them Little brain………….

  4. […] in sense that non of them really produce any high definition (HD) content despite broadcasting commercials of HD and 3D Television sets, even claimed DTH (Direct to Home) TVs fail to produce high def except to broadcast foreign […]

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