Samsung going to have Skype on their HD TVs

skype imageGood news on electro-gadgetry industry. Samsung Electronics is going to put the VoIP application Skype for internet based calling and video conferencing services. However, only some of the new high-definition (HD) Samsung TVs will have the Skype inbuilt.

The Samsung LED 7000 and 8000 televisions featuring the software will ship to Korea Thursday, with plans to be distributed elsewhere during the first half of the year.
Skype video calls will be free, and voice calls between Skype users will not result in a charge either. Calls to traditional landlines and mobile telephones will incur minimal costs as usual, according to the companies.
Televisions enabled with Skype software were first featured in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show.
Samsung is based in Seoul, Korea. Skype was sold for about $2 billion by eBay Inc. in November to an investor group that included Skype’s founders.

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