5 reasons why you won't like Epic Browser

Epic, the great Indian Internet Browser, has already hit millions of downloads but in the meanwhile we have discovered issues with it. So, we list here the top five disadvantages or lacking of the Epic Browser. These shortcomings may insist you not to like the Epic Browser, but you may want to explore the full features of the same here in our previous article.

Epic browser Stopped Working
Epic browser Stopped Working
  1. The Epic Browser doesn’t support Windows 7 feature of Split-screen – yes, you can’t use it in split screen in Windows 7.
  2. It crashes frequently, atleast for us. Maybe more patches are upgrades are on the way.
  3. Unfriendly – do we mean it! It makes computer hang. Yes, it made our Windows 7 Ultimate on desktop replacement laptop hanged many times. Yet, we are using it forcefully.
  4. While restoring Epic Browser it will not restore wallpaper, themes etc. So, eventually you will loose all the customization if your Epic browser is once crashed and you are to restart the same.
  5. Flash – why not. It will not support flash. For the time being, we were not able to stream YouTube videos and other Flash based apps on the Epic browser.
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