The History of Windows – how did Microsoft Windows 10 evolved from Windows 1 in 20 years time?

It took Microsoft almost 20 years to present Windows 10 to the consumers. The history of Windows shows how has Microsoft passed thru success and failures of Windows 1 in 1985 to the last ever version of Windows 10 in 2015, the infographics follows.

Starting with the MS DOS – originally called “Interface Manager” – in 1985, Microsoft started their graphical version of applications in Windows 2 back in 1987. However, it was until only until Windows 3 in 1990 that Microsoft launched the graphical interface based Windows Operating System by then the Apple Macintosh was already starting to dominate the personal computers.

From Windows NT – introduced with 32-bit API and LAN networking capabilities, to Windows 95 – with that Start Menu and Taskbar integration, to Windows 98 – the loved Internet browsing fantasy with now history “Internet Explorer”, all were able to contribute to the good archival of Microsoft’s Windows OS timeline.

While Windows 2000 & Millennium Editions were lost in transition of Windows 98 to Windows XP in 2001, the binaries of the graduating century saw extensive hardware support for various consumer electronics. Windows XP – the preferred OS of choice for the hackers has been so far used in most of the computers worldwide – introduced integration of Windows NT & 95/98 builds with multiple ease of computing to end-users via their UI.

Even though Microsoft introduced new graphical features like AERO effect with Windows Vista in 2007, the OS was a great failure (64-bit architecture introduced & enterprises unwilling to upgrade XP to Vista.) It was 2009 and then Windows 7 came in, people often call it the most successful Windows OS ever. Windows 7 was no doubt one of the stable operating system and a viable replacement for XP.

In 2012, Microsoft got things in other poles with completely breaking the traditional Microsoft OS pattern to the visually appealing modern UI aimed at touch devices. However, Windows 8 was also not received well by the end users, and Microsoft increased the computing clicks to use the programs. This issue was addressed by Windows 8.1 up to some extension.

Finally in 2015, after 20 years of Windows 1, Microsoft announced Windows 10 – the last ever version of Windows. Returned back all goods of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 at the same OS. Let’s hope Windows 10 will be the best performing OS for individuals and enterprise users.

The History of Windows - how did Microsoft Windows 10 evolved in 20 years from Windows 1!
The History of Windows – how did Microsoft Windows 10 evolved in 20 years from Windows 1!
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Source of the infographics Silicon Republic

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